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Ellen Barkin is one of such actresses in Hollywood who has remained the ever glowing star she was when she was much younger.

Even at 60, actress Ellen Rona Barkin radiates unfaltering sexiness and irrefutable perfection in her work.

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They divorced in 2006 which ended with a multi-million settlement.

They may lose patience, however, with director Tomas Alfredson’s ponderous direction.

Silence in movies can often be golden — here it’s as deadly as a poison pill.

The weakness here is that Levinson plumbs his subjects’ neuroses in such an utterly dark way that his characters sometimes come off as caricatures, and the actors’ performances as farcical.

We meet middle-aged Lynn (Barkin) as she drives with her two younger sons from her second marriage — Elliott (played by the very talented Ezra Miller of City Island) and Ben (Daniel Yelsky) — to the wedding of her older son from her first marriage, Dylan (Michael Nardelli).

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