Eva larue dating

At the end, it is revealed that the Mob kidnapped Ryan and are holding him hostage while also torturing him.

When Ryan is kidnapped and tortured by the Russian mob, he is forced to clean up a crime scene and frame a man for murder in order to save the life of a young boy who the Mob have taken prisoner.

They discover that some of the contestants weren't in the program to find a husband.

Also, Horatio tries to protect one of the women from a man who was spying on them by a window.

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As they dig through the family's and restaurant employees' backgrounds, they find more to the story than meets the eye.As Calleigh struggles to hold the team together following Horatio's assassination, Ryan finds himself in the frame for the murder, but are bigger things at play during the seventh season of CSI: Miami?Follow Caine, Duquesne, and their team of elite investigators as they tackle burning bodies, bouncing cheques, gang trials, conmen, distrust, dishonor, murder in the air, and murder on a reality television show.A man who was set on fire crashes through a beach party and dies on the sand.The probe reveals the victim was involved in stealing gasoline from high-end vehicles and that he may have stumbled onto a much bigger crime taking place.

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