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We want the row height to adjust if the Order Note range is changed, so we’ll add code to the Worksheet_Change event.

The code that I use is based on an old Excel newsgroup example, that was posted by Excel MVP, Jim Rech.

As long as you avoid merging table cells, and proceed with caution, things might be okay.

In the example shown below, there is an order form, and space for a note about the order.

This is a Microsoft Excel stock management program designed by Trevor Easton to help you to improve your Microsoft Excel skills.

As the name of this project suggests with Invoice and Inventory in Microsoft Excel we are going to demonstrate how you can create a simply awesome invoicing program that you may be able to modify the suit your own small business or personal needs.

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This little application contains some features that we've used before but there are many new things here to learn. Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy _ , Criteria Range:=Sheet1.range("V19: X20"), Copy To Range:=Sheet1.range("M22: R22"), _ Unique:=False Protect_All On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Advanced_Total_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Advanced_Total of Module Filters" End Sub The code below will clear the data and also a reset the background formatting before the advanced filter is run Sub Clearme2() With Sheet1.range("M23: R300"). [Update: The original code is below, and there are several modified versions of the code in the comments. There is also an updated version of Smallman’s code in this December 2015 blog post.] The merged cells are named Order Note, and that name will be referenced in the event code. If the note will always be short, there’s no need to merge the cells – just let the text flow across the columns.However, if the notes will be two or more lines, you’ll need to merge the cells, and turn on Wrap Text.

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