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As such, neither party to this agreement is an agent of, or is authorized to transact business, enter into agreements, or otherwise make commitments on behalf of, the other party.Neither party is an employee, partner, or joint venturer of or with the other party for any purpose, including but not limited to federal, state or local taxes or any applicable labor or employment law or regulation. This agreement does not in any way restrict Contractor from performing services for others, from obtaining access to client opportunities through other means, or from marketing Contractor’s services to clients directly.Contractor unilaterally will determine the means and methods by which Contractor will perform a client engagement.Shared Insight shall have no right to, and will not, monitor, supervise, or control Contractor's performance of a client engagement.GP Lawyers created ‘customer journeys’ to break down the legal process and explain the services they provide, in a number of easy to read formats offering an improved customer service experience The website is fully responsive for mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.You can view the live site at uk Give us a call today to discuss your project and for a quote.Today people research businesses and products by doing online searches.It is therefore vital for businesses to make digital marketing a priority.

In a world consumed by data, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, especially when they are coming from multiple sources.

Introducing students to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers or prepare for employment.

It can take the form of a short, or longer, placement with a placement provider (employer) where they will have the opportunity to observe and practice work tasks.

An appreciation of risk and how to deal with it can be one of the biggest benefits offered by a placement.

We need young people (those under 18) to be offered opportunities to develop new skills and gain experience across the world of work.

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