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In the case of chemical restraint use, the oral form of a medication (when an oral form exists) must be offered to any resident prior to the use of any other form of the medication;h.Provisions for constant staff supervision of the resident during the restraint.Should a resident who has a variance for chemical or mechanical restraint be discharged, terminated or otherwise leave the program, the variance is not transferable to another program or another resident.A variance to allow the use of mechanical or chemical restraint for any individual resident will not be considered until the following conditions are met:1. Information on the individual resident, including: name, date of birth, date of admission to the program; referral materials, all diagnoses, previous placement history, treatments utilized, incident reports, current behaviors which may warrant the use of mechanical or chemical restraint; statements from the parent/guardian of the resident and any other information regarding the resident that the program wishes EEC to consider in reviewing their request;b.If a resident needs to be mechanically restrained for a period longer than 15 minutes, an additional approval from the program's chief administrative person, or his or her designee, must be obtained and documented in writing.This person must be at least one level above the personnel involved in the incident that resulted in the restraint.The resident may only be restrained when he/she is demonstrating by his/her actions that he/she is dangerous to him/herself or to others. Mechanical restraint is defined as the restriction by mechanical means of a resident's mobility and/or ability to use his or her arms or legs.Mechanical restraint(s) may never be attached to any fixed object.

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