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It allows them to put the blame on others – on women who have “unfair” standards, on the media for promoting certain looks, on their own genes.After all, short of painful surgeries, there’s not much a man can do about the shape of his face or his height.Popular culture often expects twins to share everything, including, it seems, their beds.It's a particularly common trope in Slash Fic and Rule 34, though it does occur in mainstream fiction often enough to be a discernible trope.however, is about more than facial symmetry and height.It’s about how a man presents himself – the way he talks, the way he dresses and his attitude…

Twin Threesome Fantasy is to Twincest as Girl-on-Girl Is Hot is to Queer Romance.In other variations, the twins know perfectly well that they're related, and might like each other all the more for it—if you believe in One True Love, soulmates being born together does make a certain kind of sense. An old Japanese myth says that if two star-crossed lovers commit dual suicide, they get reincarnated as twins.Mindlink Mates and Twin Telepathy definitely have parallels. This may be one of the factors in the frequency of Twincest stories in anime.Though twincest is not necessarily homosexual—heterosexual Half-Identical Twins tend to have the highest rate of twincest.A common twist in Twincest — and in Brother Sister Incest in general — is Surprise Incest: for a couple to fall in love, only to find out later that they're related.

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