Flitanari girl

" Bailey sighed, slumping weakly against the stall wall, his knees feeling like they were made of jelly as a warm, pleasant feeling burned at the core of his stomach.Dave left without another word and Bailey swayed dizzily, his entire body seeming to throb with pleasure in time with the beat of his heart as he tried to catch his breath.He bit his lip as he looked back over his shoulder, one hand bracing himself on the desk while the other held him open and at the ready. "Well don't say I didn't warn you..." She gripped the base of her already stiff, throbbing prick and gently rubbed the pink tip up and down against her student's moist little hole, making the tip of her swollen cock glisten with cum left by Bailey's last lover before she angled the tip against his warm little hole and pushed it inside. " Bailey hissed, his eyes rolling up into his head as he savored the obscenely delightful feeling of his warm boycunt being stretched out by the girth of his teacher's thick, delicious cock. " Miss Angeli scolded him with a swift slap on his milky smooth ass that was answered with a hot groan.Her hips were already moving quickly as she thrust into the boy over and over again. His cheeks were flushed pink, his mouth practically drooling as he was penetrated by the thick, filling cock.

He was incredibly horny now, and hadn't expected to run into anyone at this time of the day, which had startled him ever so slightly.

They entered the empty, dimly-lit classroom and Miss Angeli glanced back down the hall, ensuring it was deserted before she closed the door behind them and promptly locked it.

"You should stay away from Nurse Joy, she's, well, different." Miss Angeli frowned as she quickly unzipped the zipper at the side of her skirt, letting it slide down her legs and pool at her feet before she carefully stepped out of the garment. His pants were already off and he was bent over the front of his teacher's desk, one hand spreading his cheek open to display his pink, glistening little boycunt all puckered and ready to be fucked.

"Miss Angeli." The nurse nodded in greeting, her voice retaining the unnaturally pleasant tone as her hand quickly slipped off of the boy's arm.

"Nurse Joy." Miss Angeli nodded in turn, not taking her eyes from the mousey blonde for even a moment as she spoke.

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