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First of thank you Jessica CD13 for makeing a new thread I think this is a good idea and could help some people out and they could get them to push there lemt to grow more sissy!

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Omegle is a huge web in the world among sites of relatively increase is in question.Please check this thread to make sure your dare isn't already posted here.If it is posted elsewhere on the board (tasks section or truth & dare thread) then please give credit to the original poster if you post it here.If you want to give a status update on how you did on a dare, you can PM me, or perhaps another thread, but this is not the place.-----------------------------------------------------------Without further adieu, I will get the ball rolling with the first task. Take the turkey baster, and fill it with apple sauce. If you let out a fart, some applesauce could come out as well, and we don't want that yet.Then, take the turkey baster, and insert it into your bum. Squeeze the bulb and feel the apple sauce squirt out into your sissy hole. Keep filling the turkey baster and filling your bottom with the apple sauce.

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