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The best cat litter box the one which suits you and your cat the best. It is essential that it is convenient for your kitten to access.

This will normally mean having a low lip at one side.

Clearing The Room Ensure that the room is clean and clear of any debris. If possible push furniture to the corners of the rooms that do not contain litter trays.

This will reduce the temptation to use the wrong location.

Most kittens bred indoors will learn to use a litter box when they are still with their mother.

They will copy her peeing and pooping into a litter tray from as early as 4 weeks of age.

In this article we are going to look at how to potty train a kitten or cat.

Do you want to learn how to litter box train a kitten? Potty training a kitten and potty training a cat are essentially the same process.

Make it easy for her to get it right from the start. Provide her with the right litter box, in the right location, with the right amount of litter. It will also make it easier for her to find and use the tray.

Litter boxes for cats which have cat flap style doors are entirely enclosed.

These cat litter trays can appeal to you as an owner because they trap stray litter, smells and unpleasant sites inside.

Some clumping varieties can get stuck and matted in their fur.

You can buy scented litter, and although these can improve the odor temporarily, you shouldn’t really be leaving their waste in the tray for so long that it causes a stink.

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