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I’ll show you how to yourself, search out fake profiles, recognize changes in the behaviours of family members, how to block objectionable material, create unbreakable passwords - encouraging us all to assume a safety mindset toward the Internet. Tightening Your Computer Security: I often inspect computers which have already been infected.This is because these computers have too much “access enabled” that easily facilitates a virus infection.I’ll walk you through how to correct this on a Mac and PC.

Harriton High School student Blake Robbins filed a civil suit, and the FBI launched an investigation when he found out school employees had photographed him 400 times over a two-week period -- sometimes when he was partially undressed or sleeping.I’ll teach you how to enable automated backups, and finally how not to get bill shock whenever you lend your child your phone.Internet Scams: I’ll show you how to avoid getting hacked or scammed by dissecting a few sample emails I’ve received over the years.I’ll guide you using simple tools that allows you to find out if you’ve already been hacked or being spied on by hackers, or by someone you already know.I’ll also walk you through step-by-step how to create an unbreakable password.

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