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People who don't live by the standard that Sex Is Evil are sometimes called "sluts", for good or ill. In the case of Slut Shaming, however, having sex is stigmatized (by a party that does not approve of it) as evil.

Or even Ethical Slut, when it's portrayed as a good thing.

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An alternative view, extant since the 19th century, is that because men are sometimes seen as innately slutty, calling one a slut doesn't mean much.Slut-Shaming someone who didn't have any choice in the matter, by the way, is an even Kick the Dog than regular Slut-Shaming, and doesn't do anything to help an already traumatic situation.Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains is a form of sister trope.Indeed, a man who is shamed for sexual promiscuity is more likely to be painted as a predator than as a slut.In short, Slut Shaming is the act of making someone feel bad for their promiscuity, by linking higher promiscuity with lower worth as a human being.

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