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Here is site that found in late 2010 that GIMPers may find interesting that deal with death peril: different from what we see and talk about here for strictly death scenes acted out and nothing else.NO plot No script, No storyline just women hanging, strangling, shooting, stabbing and etc to death.No deleted scenes, no other menu items other than "Play Movie", and the Lisa Eichhorn rape scene is the same length as the VHS original. By being illustrated it could go far beyond where live models go. Re today's pic: "And now the winner for the longest run-on sentence of the year." That's a long compound sentence but it's grammatically correct and not a run-on.Matt: Opposing Force is one of my mainstream GIMP favorites.She was fighting them with a gun, and they overwhelmed her.That pic is from a scene in the movie, where the interrogator holds the phone up to her ear and she is given one chance to admit she's CIA and "talk." I forgot to add that after she refuses, and the terrorist on the other end tells her to "enjoy her stay at the spa," when that scene cuts away, she does start several rapid, low pitch moans and screams, and this implied to me that the interrogator basically started beating her as soon as he hung up the phone.Then his site closed down (or at least I can no longer access it).Meanwhile, Sindy then opened up "Sindy's Movie Bound" (new name, same content) and now this.

Basically, it's the best VHS available transferred to DVD. We should take up a collection somewhere for him to produce a motion picture vid around his work.

Strange as that sounds because the area time and location wise of his art predicates they was a lot of bats (cross instead of stake) peril and other fiery torture peril taking place. NO plot No script, No storyline just women hanging, strangling, shooting, stabbing and etc to death.

What do guys think of this kind of peril production style? Catharsis is one of the older necro sites - it started as one of the original "Necrobabe" sites, IIRC.

They have some good videos (the Tension series is great fun), but they went to really stupid faces for their strangle videos, and I don't enjoy their work much any more.

Yik Yakker: Yes, as an occasional frequenter of questionable websites, I agree it is better to be safe than sorry.

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