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We've learned that it is better to be more genetically diverse.

Like sweetpea said a website dedicated to cousins marrying isn't a reliable source.

I can find that article for you as well, if you would like the link.

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Since she is such a devout christian cannot imagine that she would contemplate an abortion, but if she did that would be her decision and I would support her, but Im not going to suggest it to her unless she brings it up first.

We do learn from the past and we move forward with that knowledge.

The other countries, especially ones that have a larger population of inbreeding, have much higher rates of birth defects.

I know for a fact, being the mom of a child with Autism, that the US has the highest rates of Autism and ADHD in the world.

Only in America would a child be ridiculed for being the off spring of two cousins.

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