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The decomposed body of a San Francisco businessman is found floating in the California Aqueduct.

Investigators initially suspect a family member, but without evidence, the case goes cold.

One man, an investigative journalist with his own agenda, came forward with a sensational conspiracy theory about the Son of Sam.

After an affair ends, a man allegedly kidnaps his former lover at gunpoint before fleeing from justice.

Police get the killer, but at a cost to everyone associated with the victims.

In October 1996, Dryden's story reaches its terrifying conclusion when two popular cheerleaders vanish.

Christmas is ruined when hikers in New Mexico stumble across Roxanne Houston's shallow grave.

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It takes 14 years for the truth to emerge from the least likely of sources.

Take a deep, intimate look into the gripping investigation and explosive trial that became a national spectacle.

The story of his crimes, and delusions about the demons that compelled him to kill, had mesmerized the entire country.

But as a dark side of her new man comes to light, Jenae comes to realize she'll be lucky if she makes it out of this relationship alive.

Bloomington, Illinois Sergeant Jeff Pelo is a respected police officer. So when he's caught trespassing after midnight on a young woman's property, his spotless reputation comes under fire.

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