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Here's a guy just goes -- he's given up on the process and he just goes and signs executive orders on everything.DICKERSON: “So, if you were president -- you seem like kind of guy if you were president you might use an executive order or two, though.” TRUMP: “Well, I will say this.It's supposed to be you get along with Congress, and you cajole, and you go back and forth, and everybody gets in a room and we end up with deals.And there's compromise on lots of other things, but you end up with deals.

Trump has expressed support for the so-called First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) which would lead to more Kim Davis-style discrimination. Trump has expressed support for North Carolina’s HB2, he’s said he would rescind the Obama Administration’s guidance that transgender students be treated wtih dignity and allowed to use restrooms that match their gender identity, and when it comes to governors like Pat Mc Crory that write discrimination into state law, Trump has made it clear he would not enforce federal civil rights laws ensure transgender Americans are treated equally under the law.There's lot of precedent, based on what he's doing.Now, some have been -- his executive order on the border, amazingly, the courts actually took that back a step and did something that was very surprising, which is, they did the right thing, so that maybe that one -- but I would be rescinding a lot of executive orders that he's done.Trump later reversed himself and said he also opposed civil unions.Despite a brief flirtation with “evolving” in 2013, Trump has consistently maintained his opposition to marriage equality, sometimes by citing polling and making an analogy to his dislike of long golf putters.

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