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All these changes can also result in older people needing to pee more often than they used to. "Urine has been generally thought to be sterile, but it actually can get infected," Brucker says.

A 2014 study backs up this newer school of thought.

These things get broken down in your body, travel through your bloodstream, get filtered through your kidneys, and then leave your body in the form of urine.

Another waste by-product you know and love is poop.

Watch out for cloudy or foamy pee."Cloudy urine is primarily concerning because it can signal infection," Gill says.

As men age, their prostates get larger, potentially obstructing the urine stream and making it less forceful.Food and drink like garlic and coffee can affect how your pee smells, but the effect is much less obvious if you're staying really well-hydrated, Gill says.Leaking a little pee when you laugh, sneeze, or exercise is known as stress urinary incontinence.And it's annoying, but often fixable, or at least manageable."Kegel exercises are a good place to start for people that are having issues with small amounts of leakage," Brucker says.

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