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' ^wr, who died SO early, and lelt him , the way, in that land of queues and ,.

.i.„.„„h ' ^^ ^^'"^ '"''^="'' ''"" '^'^""'^ ^^'"^ P^' ^'^^ ' afoiesaid. He wanders throu Notices iuserted in the reading columns at When plnying, some threw out the ace, the ' bell was an early event, evtf U as he lum- the street with a to(d and chest of draw doublts rates.

mercenary fears, weakness of heart, or from willingness tt) accejit another suitor. The having paid my two cents, walked away- yellow fever has not increa.«ed in violence, feeling like a new man. ^''*='*"' ""^^ "^^ *"^ P**"" archal onions, smokes on the board, she sendeth her plate three time? Such is Ufe: er 'The reformation o/my.elf, my lord,' replied the son. Ten thousand olub agents are waited, either immediately, or before Dooember next, tli Pnge. Approved May 20 136^ Why Governor Seymour had an Oflicer Su Kpcndcd frum Duty. Y., Journnl tells tbia little storv : An officer in one of our State rogiinent.s was astounded one day, while in the field, by the receipt of an order direct from tho War Department, suspending him from duty.

I when, but a tow weeks since, on the very i , , I . I dressed myself, and teen deaths occurred in Havana. J^^ ^^ : I jj^,^^^.^^^^ ^^-1,1^^^^ ^^^.^ ^,^^^ able disposition of their forces, he having ,,,.,,,^1 t^.^ted on the Fashion Course. , r ii • u coino upon that i)art of our line sooi' I ^% l:dni«1j_^^^I! ^_ j driven out by violence from thmr ■ ^^^^.^ ^^^^^ simultaneous attacks were I ^^'^ '""""'"S"'*^^' " '"^^^ "^ ^^^'^'^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HT ^er circulation thai i ' i" -Maury. The Premium List to Club Agents is the most extensive and liberal erer offered, consietkig . being the CHOICEST variety ever laid before tho public, and terms to club agents are far more liberal than were ever before offered in the United States! That j Kngraved Silver Plated Ice Pitcher, Splendid Beaver notbinj in ftiis act shall be so construed as to prevent any person who bas availed him or her ing laws graiitin;^ pre-euiritiou ri^bts.

The wedding was post poned for a year ; and on the second .

The pa| er will be senl/r«e to all subscribers fur 1869, from October ? Humes, Physician & Surgeon, Office at nis residence on Cleveland ftrcot, second bouse ea:it ut'thc Po«t Office, Winnebaj;o City, Miua- draught fur thre hundred thowsend Iiec head know dosh ! BLUE RAUTH CITY CONSTANS HOUSE, He wished ers containing the impk^ients of his , ^P"'^*^^^ "**^«" ^'^'^ ''^ laudable pride in -—e, play the kn^ve; ' to mystify injuric.^ and preserve the so- trade, in search of a customer, and, wheu baving a paper which he is* not at^hamed i"o«» Sv)mo play for ttjucy. r m * i i «• *• T ri i ^ i ,• • ^^ f.r worldly fum..-. play -d out can they count | ,^^5^^^^ ^^-^ "Bounv Jean" havc forgive Mi upon the .sidewalk, in the street, or any- "^ * '■"''°'"°"' , , , , ' Uie intense worship paid by his soul to where he can find a spot sufiiciently large j 1*^^^'"S t^"^"^^ «^^^'* ^^^P^ *° ^^" P^^P" When hearts are trumps we plaj for love, and . Having become satisfied with picking the barber suddenlv ' "^"'""^ ''^ ^'"^ ^■"^*^^'"? Little boy — "Father, I know how to fire off the guns and cannons of earth, but who is tall enough to touch off thun- der? Brown, on his first journey per coach not long ago, worried the driver, beside whom he sat, with incessant childish questions about everything on the road. hevd-shell Baptist ; and then, aftor e Driver— Beeaose she isn't deed. The Rural American is everywhere admitted to be the REST, CHEAPEST, and most PRAC- TICAL farmers' and fruit-grower.-' paper in this eonutry. The early rosk it the most valuable potato in the world I It sold last at from to $IOU a bushel, and at a poond I Itmatjres in FORTY DAYS, yields enormoosiy, apd is the best table yariety known to exist.

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