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Apesar da comprovada eficiência da ferramenta, é importante ressantar que o êxito das análises depende da consistência dos dados informados nas planilhas virtuais. Santos, relaciona, abaixo, algumas das principais melhorias contempladas na nova ferramenta.

Veja: – Além de suas próprias informações, a loja poderá observar a média do grupo (dos últimos seis meses) ao qual ela estará inserida, a média da comunidade Febrafar (também dos últimos seis meses) e, até mesmo, a média da sub-rede (ou seja, o proprietário poderá visualizar a média de suas lojas); – O sistema validará os dados inseridos, comparando os valores informados a uma faixa já pré-estabelecida.

O executivo justifica que as inovações promovidas durante o desenvolvimento do PAI Febrafar proporcionarão aos participantes, além do aculturamento adquirido com a troca de experiências durante as reuniões, uma independência no momento em que forem analisar os dados, pois o sistema fornecerá a avaliação dos números, pontuando-os como bom, regular ou ruim.

Com isso, a rede terá as informações necessárias para promover os acompanhamentos e criar suas próprias estratégias.

Then, driving past it last weekend, 'lo and behold, it was open for business: the world famous La Bodeguita del Medio. "You can crush the flowers but you can't stop the spring." Testify, Pablo Neruda. In a sweltering, ahistorical, eve-of-the-revolution Gabriel Garcia Marquez sort of way. As of this writing, Diner is soft open and testing out a "Temporary Menu", with operating hours 10am to 5pm, daily. Heaps of tapas, available in either single, small or large plate formats, to accommodate any group that can cram in around a table (and get a reservation). I feel like I ought to say the Smoked Salmon (35rmb/pc, 35rmb small plate) was a bit too rich and filling.

With outlets in over 16 countries around the world (four in Spain alone), this Havana, Cuba-originating bar and restaurant is famous for one thing: They invented the mojito. It's "the birthplace of the mojito" — or at least it claims it to be. These are the most mojito-ey mojitos that ever mojito-ed. Ropa Vieja - Shredded Beef Infused with Creole Sauce And Conri Rice - 168rmb Chicken Supreme Served Over Yuca Puree with Pastry Pesto - 248rmb The menu is as manageable as the cocktails. That's 250rmb for a plate of chicken, mash, and pesto. Although, it must be said, not without a slightly pre-fab kind of feel and a contemporary, cheesy 'it's salsa night! Seems like they're getting their breakfast and lunch game down first, but with the broad strokes already in place, one can't imagine they're going to stray too far from this menu when they're open properly. Classics return, like the Foie Gras (25rmb/pc, 85rmb small plate). Either I was lucky, or Pirata's entire menu is fantastic and I couldn't have gone wrong anyway. Not sure if it was actually milk butter under the heaping pile of delicious smoked salmon, but it definitely felt like it.

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