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• Posted an impressive 3.92 assist/turnover ratio (102/26) in 1,000 minutes played.

Would have finished second nationally in assist/turnover ratio if he would have recorded three more assists on the season.

The right movies perfectly capture the pressured feeling of wanting to do something BIG with your high school classmates while you still can, and the urgency that comes with the very last day of high school you’ll ever attend.

If you haven’t started feeling it by now, you will soon.

It will make you want to travel, experience new things, and take risks.

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The story is about his adventure traveling all over the country.

is a great movie for seniors to watch because it's about a group of friends going through their last year of high school.

It will remind you that you have to tell your crush how you feel while you still have the chance - just don't, you know, change yourself for him/her.

On the one hand, you’re beyond excited for the new opportunities that college brings, and you can’t wait to start your new and improved grown-up life.

On the other hand, you start thinking about all of the things and people you’re about to leave behind, and it’s pretty damn sad.

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