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WARNING This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if you are offended, in any way, by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the file.

When explaining to me how she wanted the melon cut, I saddled up behind her, to where I was grinding on her ass.

I put my arms around her and rested them on the front of her thighs. Getting a little bit turned on, I decided to go all the way.

GENERAL All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead.

All comments and constructive suggestions may be directed to me via the COMMENT tab on my profile. The gate unlocked, and I drove onto the estate lands.....

But if you aren't what Mistress Snow is looking for, she will let you go in a month and u will spend the rest of your life craving her, much like how Rebecca was. But my pussy happily enjoyed her constantly being down there and Bekah, even though she couldn't, never ounce protested being a cunt muncher..cunt muncher. It was to let her know I wasn't lying, but the small act of voyeurism, knowing someone I didn't know would see them, turned me on. One time, I got home and she jumped on me in the open doorway, pulling my panties to the side and driving her tongue into my pussy, for anyone to see. I was worried about my friend and if she wanted my pussy, she could have it.

Speaking of Bekah, she was between my legs, lapping happily away at my cunt while I researched and only stopping when I asked a question and she had to tell me what I need. The website also stated that you had to write a letter and put in in the red mailbox on Karlishub Ave. I love to eat cunt too, letting the pussy juice roll into my throat. But alas, I can do none of that because I'm married. 5'4, plump C-cup breast, a nice round ass and a nice belly. Rumors were going around the neighborhood that we were having an affair. On Wednesday, I finally got an envelope back with the address and to be there in 3 days. The time had come to fix my friend and get answers to this myth.

The letter itself had to be about why you were a suitable slut and why u particularly wanted to be under the command of Mistress Snow. My husband is not capable of satisfying this lust even if he tried. I was only acting the part, I did not come here to get fucked, and I came here to fuck.A genre or character in art or literature that features a female that has all feminine attributes except that she has a penis.This can include her having a vagina, testicles, etc. A futanari girl is not to be confused with a trap or cross-dresser as they are a female.Had C cups, a plump ass, was short so my legs were toned and sensual. "Stop teasing me Bekah," a nickname I seldom used for her, "just lick my cunt you slut." She complied with a muffled "yes Mistress Snow" before shoving her tongue into my cunt, looking up at me hungrily. When I let go, Rebecca pulled away, my juice all over her, and she readjusted herself on her knees while I regained my composure, still squirting a bit.When I came to, I realized I had squirted all over her and the kitchen floor. I had fully lost my friend to this Mistress Snow and I had had enough!

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