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First of all, let me belatedly congratulate Charlie Craig and David Mullins, a Colorado couple who got married in Massachusetts last year.

I hope that Pennsylvania’s gay couples will be able to join them at the altar soon, and I’m glad the 21st century has seen a recognition of their right to get married.

Some of the contributing factors can include: An LGBTQ person struggling with addiction may have had multiple incidences of these or other factors; in other cases, it may just be the fear of these occurring that could contribute to the person developing an addiction disorder.

Because the stigma against the LGBTQ community is part of what contributes to the higher prevalence of substance abuse, it is easy to see that treatment is not likely to be successful if it perpetuates the discrimination or misunderstanding of these individuals Recognizing these issues can be especially important for residential treatment; something as simple as making sure transgendered individuals are housed with their self-identified gender can make an important difference in the result of their treatment.

Mission: to educate the public about issues concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and sexually ambiguous persons to eliminate discrimination and prejudice because of a person's sexual orienation or gender identity.

Because of the growing understanding of LGBTQ issues with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, many treatment centers are asserting their ability to provide treatment for this population that can cater to their specific needs.

Because of this, the landscape of LGBTQ-friendly addiction treatment centers has changed throughout the US, with more facilities offering programs specifically to help gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals recover from addiction and manage the specific issues that can lead to this higher prevalence of addiction.

Still, some of these programs don’t necessarily escape bias – especially in the case of transgendered individuals – and sometimes it’s hard for those who identify as LGBTQ to find treatment that truly meets their needs without prejudice.

However, some of these groups may have underlying biases that counteract their good intentions.

The challenge then becomes finding a facility that truly meets the need of the individual seeking help with their addiction.

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