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To discover the year, you must choose a brand from the pop-up list and enter the model and serial numbers of your refrigerator.

The brand name of your refrigerator should be on the front door.

), Ty wrote: "Powerful women of God, cause you guys seem to show UP for each of us this is your moment.

Do you know when your refrigerator was manufactured? Below you can discover the year of manufacture of some refrigerator brands produced for the American consumer market.

It’s a great choice for bathroom fixtures and the kitchen faucet.

A photograph is as variable color wise as the two metals. Chrome reflects blue and shiny nickel reflects green.

If you have a Gibson guitar and you don't know what it is, email me or bring it to the shop at 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT.

The Republican now claims, after initially indicating otherwise, he doesn’t know any of the women who have come forward about their teenage experiences decades ago with the small town lawyer, who was then in his thirties.

Chrome can get pretty crapped up with dirt and sweat but a wipe with a damp cloth will bring it back to its factory shine. Then you need to call on a bit of very old technology-your brain.

You can bring back nickel too but it will take some elbow grease and metal polish which, by the way, I don’t recommend. Your brain can determine the difference between the reflected color of chrome and the reflected color of nickel.

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