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I would walk up the stairs at Daragaon village retreat to see if the Kanchenjunga—the world’s third-highest peak—had dropped its misty cloak.

Seeing the clouds intact, I would trundle down past the cow shed with a heavy heart and inevitably meet someone from the house bringing up tea.

I duck below platform level to the train concourse to rejoice in the anti-climactic end to a 200-yard sprint.

Just a week before, friends had boasted seeing Kanchenjunga from their window. I still remember the millet pancakes Radha whipped up. Instead, we scooped up some , the way one might scoop up yogurt with paratha (stuffed flatbread).

This lesser-known cheese is found in Sikkim, Nepal, and other Himalayan regions. When it’s simmered further, it becomes a mass of solid cheese.

Radha makes the latter from cow milk, grinding it with homegrown tomatoes and chillies, an extremely spicy variety found in the state. In fact, it was the kick of the chillies against the sweetness of the pancakes that made it hard for me to resist them.

Before, I had never been smitten with pancakes—let alone ones made from millet. For the evening, there is freshly brewed (a deep-fried wheat snack) in milk.

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