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This article contains romantic Spanish nicknames, which are appropriate for lovers.

(Mi) Alma – It’s used to show a deep connection between you and the other person since it means “(my) soul.” Amado – It means “loving,” but you can translate it as “darling.” Amante – It’s a “lover,” which makes it the perfect Spanish nickname for your lover.

And, in the long run, we've ended up the better for it.

But, unlike some of our married-at-25 peers and friends, that means we have a lot of stories of failed relationships and near-misses that make for terrific cocktail-party conversation (and also, occasionally sad memories).

And most of the memories were funny, even if the relationships had been painful. Even less great: The comments the writer finds on a whole bunch of "bro" sites, where conversations about nicknames devolve into something much more demeaning. Are these examples from a corner of anonymity where young men just tend to be their jerkiest selves?

Which neatly illustrates the point makes, that we give the men we date (or hook up with) nicknames so they don't feel as real if they end up being a disappointment. Because really, this is more name-calling than nicknaming.

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