Grand theft auto 4 dating men

She is cased by Woozie's men as a soft target and a possible way into the casino.In the mission Key to Her Heart, CJ tails Millie home from work, kills the gimp headed to her house and pretends to be him in order to meet her.He became involved with Catalina, who had recently split up with Carl "CJ" Johnson, before racing CJ in a losing effort.Following the loss, he hands over the pink slip to his black ZR-350 to CJ.Claude and Catalina arrive in Liberty City in October 2001 and immediately robbed a bank.Catalina, however, turns on her boyfriend, shooting him and leaving him for dead, explaining that he is 'small time'.Rockstar Games have never revealed whether Claude from the GTA III Era is the same as Claude Speed, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 2 - just answering "probably".

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She is into BDSM, and has a dominatrix outfit, a house interior with many BDSM toys, and keeps a gimp to pleasure her, not knowing that her original gimp was killed by Carl in order for him to pose as the gimp.Claude is later arrested by the Liberty City Police Department.He is convicted of all charges and is sentenced to ten years in prison.While being transferred to Liberty State Penitentiary in Portland, Claude escapes from a police convoy after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy to free the Old Oriental Gentleman.Claude and 8-Ball escape to a safehouse in the Red Light District, before moving on to Sex Club Seven.

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