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Hey, it either takes a woman with a strong stomach to do this job or, as I like to think, a woman with a very high thirst for cum which has got to be a bit more of a rare quality out there. If facial bukkake and hardcore cum-swallowing are your thing, this is definitely where it’s at for you. Either way, these bitches are getting paid the big bucks and you’re getting what you pay for; premium cum-swallowing and facial bukkake videos. Where kitchen workers put a razor blade in his coffee cup. Occasionally he awakes in terror that he’s back in prison, where guards allowed other inmates into his cell to beat him while he slept.Even now, Greg can’t really explain why he did what he did. Greg had told him to bend over, Luke said, and then “stucked it in my bottom a little.” The case was clear, the judge declared. His depravity was only confirmed by his history: Greg, it was revealed during trial, was already on probation for burglary, assault, and selling speed. He stood as the judge read his sentence: ten years for breaking his probation and twelve for aggravated sexual assault of a child, to run concurrently. He was smart too, playing chess for hours with his uncle Jackie when the man lay paralyzed in a hospital bed after a motorcycle wreck. “You could have told me.” Though his mother called the youth-group leader, sobbing, chastising him for not doing a proper head count on the bus all those years ago, the church could offer little more than counseling.

He grabbed a couple, began eating one, and wandered over to the bathroom, where John was already helping Luke wipe himself. Wide-eyed, the boy stared at his grandmother in the courtroom when asked about the hot dog, looking at her for comfort. A sex offender, more than a killer even, deserved a special place in hell—for robbing children of their innocence, for leaving scars that never healed. Greg, the middle child—with an older sister, Shannon, and a younger brother, Kevin—was a fast, athletic kid. They hung a punching bag from a tree so he could practice and made him slug it out with neighborhood kids. “You don’t need to cry.” Greg swallowed his tears, got good at the fighting. He was sweet and knew his manners, opening doors, carrying books, picking a flower for a date while stopped at a red light.

At forty, he’s still boyish, with short brownish-blond hair and pale blue eyes.

He brushes his teeth, the front ones prosthetic, and straightens to his full five foot eleven inches. He puts on a pot of coffee, turns on the computer, reads the news. His wife, Ticey, and their four-year-old, Anthony, won’t rise for a couple of hours.

The young couple often fought—she had left him once already—but they were trying to make things work, living with Greg’s mom in Red Oak.

He’d even found a decent job, as a mechanic-in-training at Mack Trucks.

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