Guy code for dating

A final note on decrypting his texts Having a crush on a guy is exciting and exhausting.

It leaves you feeling giddy and excited, with butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

It also means that he wants to see how far you’ll go.

If you’re not getting any replies back, stop texting him immediately. By not replying to your text messages, the only crushing that is happening, is the crushing blow to your heart and ego. But, there is a big difference between the standard smiley face and the wink face.You don’t want to end up with a sex tape like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, do you?[Read: 20 seductive text messages to start a sexy conversation with a guy you like] #3 “Good morning” and “good night” texts.This does not necessarily mean your crush isn’t into you. If he sends a one-word reply, it can mean he’s busy, or maybe he doesn’t feel like texting at the moment, or it could even be both. If he’s consistent with his monosyllabic responses, he’s probably not into you, and doesn’t know how to tell you. If you’re the one to always initiate the conversation, and he has never sent out anything longer than the average Tweet, then he’s probably trying to hint at the fact that he’s not interested in you.[Read: 15 signs he likes you but isn’t really into you] #2 Asking you to send a sexy pic or video.

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