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It was formerly the capital of Hararghe and now the capital of the modern Harari Region of Ethiopia.

The city is located on a hilltop in the eastern extension of the Ethiopian Highlands, about five hundred kilometers from Addis Ababa at an elevation of 1,885 meters.

Harar was captured by Italian troops under Marshall Rodolfo Graziani during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War on .

The 1st battalion of the Nigeria Regiment, advancing from Jijiga by way of the Marda Pass, captured the city for the allies 29 March 1941.

The rulers of Harar also struck its own currency, the earliest possible issues bearing a date that may be read as AH 615 (= AD 1218/19); but definitely by AD 1789 the first coins were issued, and more were issued into the nineteenth century.

Following the death of Emir Nur, Harar began a steady decline in wealth and power.

A house said to have been his residence is now a museum.

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The inhabitants of Harar today represent several different Afroasiatic-speaking ethnic groups, both Muslim and Christian, including the Oromo people, Somalis, Amhara people, Gurage people and Tigrayans.From Harar, Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, also known as "Gurey" and "Grañ" (both meaning "the Left-handed"), launched a war of conquest in the sixteenth century that extended the polity's territory and threatened the existence of the neighboring Christian Ethiopian Empire.His successor, Emir Nur ibn Mujahid, built a protective wall around the city.The Harari people, who refer to themselves as Gēy 'Usu ("People of the City") are a Semitic-speaking people.Their language, Harari, constitutes an Ethiopian Semitic pocket in a predominantly Cushitic-speaking region.

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