Hookup genital warts

One of the biggest mistakes people get from porn is the idea that cock is all you need when it comes to sex. Vaginal penetration is one of the worst ways to try to get women off.

horny, they’re more likely to rush towards penetration while their partners are still getting warmed up. The right kiss (or nibble) at the junction of neck and shoulder can drive women crazy.

What was mind-blowingly intense at first can become “meh” inducing over a surprisingly short time.

Boredom can set in pretty quickly, especially when sex is the same thing Even a man who can lick his eyebrows loses his appeal when going down is the exact same routine. It’s the killer of attraction, the muffler of orgasms.

As a result: guys get off and leave their partners waiting to get some quality time with the showerhead. Finger tips at the crook of the elbow or down the sides of her hips can make her shudder in the best ways.

Even running your fingers over her scalp can be part of what gets her motor humming.

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