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In one section the brain and central nervous system are already beginning to take shape as their neural tubes develop.In the other two sections, the heart and circulatory system are already beginning to form and the lungs and intestines are in the very early stages of development.They will then book you in for your booking appointment with your midwife which is usually around 10 weeks. Check out our newly pregnant page to find out what to expect during your first brush with maternity services.Once you know you are pregnant, if you are a smoker you will probably be keen to ditch the cigarettes to protect your growing baby (not to mention your own health).The best way to beat boob soreness during pregnancy is with a good, well-fitting bra.Pregnant women are offered a screening test for Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome and Patau's syndrome from 10-14 weeks of pregnancy.

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Despite the tiny size there’s plenty going on as the embryo splits into three different sections!This usually occurs around the time your period is due, so this is an ideal time to pee on that stick!It’s important to remember that pregnancy testing at home may not always be 100% accurate though especially if you don’t follow the test instructions and test at the right time.Read more Sore boobs Having tender boobs early in your pregnancy is a common early symptom of pregnancy and happens as a result of a hormones surge to help support your growing baby.You’ll produce more oestrogen and progesterone – much like in the run up to your period.

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