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This might be a shameful distinction in many spots around the world.In the land of the Vikings, it is a point of pride.

So we and prefer weird places where we are unlikely to meet anyone.

Most of my friends say that this is just too much pressure.

We like to have a drink together, buy ice cream or possibly take a stroll somewhere you aren’t likely to run into anyone.

When the ceremony has taken place, a marriage certificate, in English, can be obtained from Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá Íslands) Þjóðskrá (The National Registry Office) Borgartún 24 105 Reykjavík Iceland Tel.: 3 E-mail: [email protected] If you are a citizen or resident of Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland, read this The form can be sent to you by mail if required. Both partners need to submit their birth certificates. Both partners need to submit a certificate of marital status issued by the relevant authority in their country, state or region.

The form has to be carefully filled in, signed by both parties, and signed by two trustworthy persons who, by signing the form, vouch for the fact that there are no legal impediments to the planned marriage. The originals can be returned after the wedding ceremony if required. The certificate must be issued within 8 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony.

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