Inaba dating

At the time, Japan's music scene was loaded with many new bands being created.

With all the digital sounds in mainstream music, the only sounds that they felt could not be expressed and replicated were the guitar and the human voice.

For promotion, B'z also embarked on their "In the Life '91–'92" tour, with 66 performances in total.

With a barrage of releases, 1990 came to be the busiest year for B'z. Little promotion was done for it and after releasing only two singles, B'z released their fifth album, In the Life, on 27 November.The show took place in Bentenjima of Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka on 31 July and 1 August.The successful event gathered 50 thousand people per day, totaling 100,000 people in the end.Tak Matsumoto, guitarist in Tetsuya Komuro's TM Network, had been extremely busy with various recording sessions and live performances.On , Matsumoto released his first solo album, Thousand Wave.

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