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(Dungeons & Dragons, Redwall, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) of surveyed furries use websites like Fur Affinity to browse furry artwork, writing, and other media.

Eventually, most furries realize that they're not alone: there is an entire community of people who love anthropomorphic characters just as much as they do, and even though they all come from different backgrounds and love different franchises, they all share something in common.

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But sometimes, furries come up in other discussions, and it's often awkward.

There are lots of movies, TV shows, video games, and books that feature anthropomorphic animals, and enjoying those things is one of the most common behaviors that furries share.

Of course, it's completely possible to enjoy those things without being a furry!

A few of the largest sites include: of surveyed furries use the furry community as a place to socialize and meet new friends.

Furries are, as a general rule of thumb, friendly and inviting - sometimes to a fault.

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