Internet explorer tools for validating xml and viewing xsl output

SAP_Code_Samples The code samples for integrating SAP with Commerce Server are located in the folder SAP_Code_Samples on the Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit CD.Site_Terms_Viewer The Site Terms Viewer tool is a Visual Basic script that shows how to access site terms programmatically.You can have your Order Processing pipeline (OPP) call out to the mainframe to check whether or not a given customer is a valid customer or you can call out to the mainframe to manipulate the order in some manner.Documentation You will find an electronic copy of the in the file.

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Comti_Bridge The Comti Bridge Pipeline Component helps you integrate mainframe applications with a Commerce Server pipeline.Migrate_Catalog The Migrate tool is discussed in Chapter 11, "Migrating from Site Server to Commerce Server 2000." You can also find Chapter 11 in the \Documentation folder on the Resource Kit CD.Prediction_Viewer You can use the Prediction Viewer tool to get sample recommendations from a Prediction model.Full instructions for using the Predictor Tutorial can be found in the Predictor file found in the \Predictor_Tutorial folder.Note that the Predictor Tutorial requires that you have a complete installation of Commerce Server (including the Predictor resource) on your computer, including SQL Server 2000 in the platform.

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