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Introduce your partner to your culture but don’t force them to get involved.

Don’t make your partner adapt to your culture or try and change them in anyway – your partner won’t appreciate it.

Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with right?

If your parents are conservative, again, introduce your partner into your family slowly and take your time. Start off by introducing them to the more amenable and less conservative members of your family first. If you have an aunt, sister or uncle, rope them into assisting with the first initial meeting.

As a dating and relationship coach I am often asked how to navigate ‘meeting the family’ stage. The best way is to only introduce your partner once you are absolutely sure they are ‘the one’.

Questions range from ‘how soon should I meet the family? In fact, it’s better to wait until you are both talking engagement and marriage.

They might ask you to take your shoes off, be prepared, you’ve come this far we don’t want them making a judgement based on your socks… Get your partner to brief you on the different personalities and characters within the family. While in their presence do it their way and with a smile on your face. Take note of any cultural behaviours, for example if the family don’t drink, don’t take wine as a gift.

For example, in some Asian families it’s tradition to touch the feet of a respected elder. If the family are vegetarian, don’t take food stuff made with animal products.

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You partner can say whatever they like about their own family but you must zip the lip!

First and foremost while your family are important, your partner comes first.

If your family disapprove, don’t let their views and prejudices hold you back from love.

But, it is important to take it easy with your parents, for the most part they are doing what they feel is best for you.

They may think your life would be easier with someone within the same culture.

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