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There were not many films I saw with brown girls like myself growing up, so when I saw Rae Dawn Chong in "Lover’s Vow," I knew this was a film I would have a connection with.Chong has played a myriad of roles where she has been involved in interracial relationships like Soul Man, The Squeeze, Curiosity Kills and more."Lover’s Vow" is an interracial romance starring James Remar (Preston) and Rae Dawn Chong (Carola).As a young black girl nerd growing up, seeing interracial romances on screen were rare and seeing a black female in an interracial romance was…well, let’s just say the likelihood of being struck by lightning was far greater.However, director John Butler sets his film apart from others of its ilk thanks to healthy lashings of Irish humor and game turns from the central cast.Synopsis: Yves Saint Laurent takes place in January 1958, shortly after the death of Christian Dior.However, you don't need to always venture outside in order to enjoy the very best that queer cinema has to offer, not when there are plenty of gay movies on #Netflix that you can chill to as often as you like.Whatever your orientation may be, these tales of love, sex and the everyday experience of gay life all deserve your undivided attention. so whether you're alone or with a special 'friend', rev up everyone's favorite streaming service and get ready to chill with the best gay movies on Netflix.

The two found bliss in spite of all of perilous activities that took place just moments before.

My interest was piqued when I saw the iconic 80s Chong with her massive curly tendrils lit so beautifully by the moonlight when she is discovered by Preston in a New York City alleyway.

This encounter happens immediately after Preston is confronted by a gargoyle and must swear that he shall never reveal its identity to anyone.

Preston has a thriving career and Carola is a proud wife who is experiencing the joys of motherhood. Preston witnessed the bartender of the pub he frequently patronized get killed right before his eyes.

The gargoyle offered him a promise in exchange for his life.

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