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It was our first rental property together and we were really pleased to have found it.It was far and away the nicest place in our budget that we had seen - it was big enough, in a good location with good cycle routes and bus services into the city, and it had a great big garden which we loved.Every single penny I own went into the deposit and I spend every penny of my wages for the first year decorating my new home to a beautiful standard.

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I used to live in a flat in Oxford with my (now) wife.

until a couple of years ago when a polish family moved in upstairs with a child running up and down my life has never been the same . and they have no respect for anyone " john martin "the most ignorant, inconsiderate, rude people ever in this world are the Polish, they have no sense or respect for their neighbours.

i've thought about going upstairs and battering fuck out of him and his missus, then stabbing them all because they are very inconsiderate noisy neighbours." kieran thompson "We have noisy neighbours , We hear them peeing in the toilet ,mobile phone vibrating on floor,lights switches being turned on and off , washing machine in bathroom sound like thunder , loud sex where as girlfriend is screaming for at least half a hour ,and many other things phoned landlord said he would deal with it,been aweek now and still same " j conroy "I'm really shocked by the amount of people commenting on this problem - surely there should be rules and regulations in place to stop houses being built so poorly?

The thing was neither they nor we understood the true extent of the problem.

After several weeks of us asking them to keep it down and them saying they were doing their best we finally grasped how bad the lack of insulation was - the fella was upstairs on his own with no T. or music on, his mobile phone was sitting on their coffee table on silent and my wife and I were sitting downstairs reading the paper when we heard his mobile phone (and I mean we really clearly heard it! It was at this stage we realised that the problem was fatal!

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