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The spaces are typically less crowded, often feature a bar or DJ, and regularly host talks and workshops that could take the pressure off even more.

For more great date ideas around the UK try the e Harmony Great Date Guide.

’ Taking a walking tour of your local area is of the best cheap date ideas for introverts.

In fact, you may have a hard time distinguishing whether or not someone is introverted when you're in a one-on-one dating situation, as introverts thrive in smaller groups.

There are boutique cinemas like this located across the country.

We’d recommend looking out for Everyman cinemas, Picturehouse, and the Electric.

Introverts feel drained in large groups or in party settings, which can often make them appear antisocial.

They tend to be more introspective and thoughtful, with a constant inner monologue and can often be easily distracted.

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