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Eventually, he walked to the next village and rang his brother.

Once back home, Mr Fitzgerald found his family unharmed.

All sorts of thoughts were racing through my head about what they might do to me.

One of them, with the revolver, was very aggressive," said Mr Fitzgerald, at his end-of-terrace home in Newbridge, just three miles from the stud.

As his second season approached, Shergar was expected to cover at least 55 mares throughout 1983.

The kidnappers had also failed to anticipate the reaction of the people of Ireland - a horse-loving nation - to Shergar's abduction.Alan Dukes, the local MP and Irish finance minister, was then woken by a phone call from Mr Berry telling him of Shergar's kidnapping.But he had his first budget to deliver the next day, so he "passed the buck" to the justice minister.Using a coded phrase - King Neptune - that had been given to Mr Fitzgerald during the kidnap, those holding the horse soon began secret negotiations with a representative of the Aga Khan.Already, however, there were problems: the kidnappers mistakenly believed that Shergar belonged solely to the Aga Khan when, in fact, the horse was owned by 34 members of the syndicate, who had to agree tactics.

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