Is jason wahler dating

PHOTOS: Stars who've been to rehab “People always, the first thing they ask me is ‘Do you blame those shows? It hit hard, and I was able to see it sooner than later.” Wahler is currently filming a documentary in addition to his “She did a lot of interviewing with me, it was more of who I am and what I’m like, so it was very positive,” he said.“The actions speak…you can see it comes from the heart, and she’s my everything.” In the year that followed his wedding day, two of Wahler’s exes, Lauren Conrad and Alex Murrel, got married in stunning California ceremonies. I think after 10 years have gone by from the first day it aired, a lot of us have grown up and there’s not that tension anymore and this and that BS.

You can read Jason’s version of the big day here, but we thought it would be fun to share the photos from their gorgeous wedding at Los Calamigos Ranch, and include Ashley’s insight on the the big day.

"My parents have been together 40 years, they just celebrated that. That's kind of what you have to find." PHOTOS: Celebrities who got engaged at young ages The couple met through "mutual friends," Wahler explained. "This is the first relationship I've ever been in sober," he said of dating Slack.

Their first dinner date was "probably one of the best times I ever had," he added. "It's a little bit different when you're not drinking and going out.

Lauren, now 30, said that what made the difficult exchange even 'harder' on her was that she knew Jason - who publicly dealt with alcohol and legal issues upon leaving the MTV program - 'wasn't sober' during the heart-to-heart discussion.

While Jason, now 29, claimed he wasn't under the influence of anything - telling Lauren, 'It's 10 o'clock in the morning; it's like, yeah, a freckle past a hair' - Lauren was not buying his pleas of innocence, as she told him, 'You're not normal right now, what is wrong with you?

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