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"Three years ago I walked into an audition for 'Delia, 14, bubbly, odd-ball, hipster...' not knowing it would change my life. Which brings us here, to the end of the line," she wrote. It was me all along." That last line has tears in our eyes.I've danced with goats, been sprayed with fake spaghetti sauce, yelled at a giant pumpkin till I lost my voice, licked my foot, licked Peyton's hand, smashed cake on Pipes, played puppets with Liv, gone to New York with Austin (kind of)... "I wouldn't trade the last three years for anything or anyone. After two incredible seasons, it was sad to see these characters go, and Austin, Olivia, Peyton, and Piper shared their thoughts as well.And I will always be immensely grateful to all of you.For watching, for tweeting, for supporting, for just being you guys and helping make these past three years some of the best years of my life. You guys are the best, and I hope you stick around even after the show is over.

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I got to draw my mouse ears and say, 'Hi, I'm Piper Curda from and you're watching Disney Channel.' I GOT TO DO THAT.

And I am eternally grateful to the people that made all of that possible.

The big room of executives and casting directors and writers and directors that fought for me and that allowed me to do what I always dreamt of doing," she wrote. And I will always remember and love Jasmine Kang and her uncomfortable outfits and endearing sass.

Those first two seasons will remain special forever and have spawned many deep friendships amongst the cast. A bunch of the stars watched the final episode live with fans and said their goodbyes.

Sarah Gilman wrote an especially loving post about the end of on Instagram.

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