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The role of Saladin was marked by different phases.

This Syrian Turk was sent to Egypt with a military expedition by the Zangid ruler of Aleppo in 1168.

Saladin then requested his son to carry out the dire prescription.

The prince was reluctant to comply, but gave in when threatened with the onus of abdication. The zealous accusers of Suhrawardi said that if he were allowed to live, he would corrupt the faith of the prince, and that if he were merely banished, he would corrupt any other place to which he might go.

Metahistory and Realism Abbreviations and Annotations 1. Suhrawardi reputedly engaged in "ascetic practice, solitary retreat and meditation until he reached the final stages of the sages and revelations of the prophets." (2) Though "sometimes he dressed like the Sufis," (3) Suhrawardi also wore the attire of commoners, and was once mistaken for a donkey-driver. he ate but once a week, cared nothing for the world, had no awe of rank and power, wore ragged dress, prayed constantly, kept silence, and loved The setting seems to have been largely Anatolian, in the Saljuq domain called Rum.(7) Saladin, a conservative Sunni Muslim, had vanquished the Fatimid rulers of Egypt and detested their Ismaili religion."What Suhrawardi was teaching al-Malik al-Zahir would have sounded distressingly like Ismailism to Saladin." (, p.

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