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Italy has a cameo in the official "Bad End" of Noto-sama 5 dressed in a toga and addressing the player.

However, he is attacked and stripped offscreen by a vengeful Noto.

He later appears in Osōji Prussia asleep in his bed when Prussia arrives to offer to clean his house.

Prussia then strokes Italy's head and imagines the two of them on a gondola in Venice.

The title character, Italy has appeared in all five chapters of the main webcomic storyline and all three volumes of the published manga.

Italy also has a habit of abandoning training, in one case to play with a stray cat, though he is always dragged back by Germany.

When Germany begins to put in place an alliance with Russia, Italy begins to worry that his friends will abandon him in favor of a stronger ally.

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Italy is first introduced in the first chapter of the webcomic and the beginning of the published manga.

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