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A funny and touching romantic comedy featuring two great actors, Something's Gotta Give, could have been better if only the pacing and comedy had held out throughout the movie.

Still, as a love story featuring grown-ups, and not two young models, this movie comes as a relief.

In this movie, the audience knows they love each other before the characters do.

While talking, the two characters gloss over things that they both like or have in common.

Seeing Nicholson with the decades younger Peet did not seem unusual - but when Keanu Reeves (who is way out of his league here) was passionately kissing Diane Keaton I thought, 'wow that looks strange'.

I guess because it is a much less common sight to see a younger man with an older woman than it is the other way around.

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I agree with Eric's review of this movie up to a certain point.

As has been stated, both Jack and Diane give great performances in what starts off as a very funny romantic comedy.

Jack's aging playboy provides most of the laughs early on as he comes face to face with his own mortality.

Later in the movie Diane gets more of the laughs, especially during her extended crying jag.

And as Eric said her nude scene is a priceless movie moment. Not even great acting and dialogue can make up for it.

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