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More than just a text of the prayers, this includes full explanations of all prayers, laws and customs.

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Three of the wishes in Columbus' will and testament also lend a number of telling clues to his identity.One request in his will was that one-tenth of his income be given as charity to provide dowry for poor girls, a commonly practiced Jewish custom that stretches far back.He also requested to have money given to a certain Jew who lived near the Jewish quarter of Lisbon.One telling difference between Columbus' personal writings and those of his contemporaries was the language it was written in, namely one unrecognizable to most native Spaniards.Linguistics professor Estelle Irizarry, after analyzing the language of hundreds of similar letters concluded that it was written in Castilan Spanish or Ladino, a Jewish version of the Spanish language, analogous to what the Yiddish language is to German.

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