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That the linguistic theory of the is closely related to that pioneered by the Arabic grammarians of the eighth and ninth centuries is not surprising, if we keep in mind that educated Jews of this period paid Muslim scholars to teach them Arabic grammar!

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Ultimately, this short and obscure text provided the impetus for most of the important facets of the budding Kabbalah.

It is interesting to note in this context that Jabir also penned a treatise entitled It s virtually impossible to overstate the importance of this Arabic grammatical/letter system on the development of Kabbalistic thought.

The whole system of Kabbalistic mediation, ascendancy towards God, mystical interpretation of the Scriptures and other important aspects of post 10th century Jewish mysticism stemmed directly from the new understanding of the Hebrew language that Arabic grammar brought to medieval Rabbis.

As scholar Michael Mc Gaha has pointed out: "It was no coincidence that the earliest Kabbalistic writings and the work of (Sufi philosopher) Ibn Arabi appeared around the same time (late 12th-early 13th-centuries).

Jewish refugees from Muslim Spain were breathing new life into the doctrines and imagery developed by the Sufis in Baghdad and later in Andalusia, creating the new system of mysticism known as the Kabbalah."v (Book of Creation) was one of those medieval Jewish mystical texts that have baffled scholars with its obscure imagery and unclear genesis.

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