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A new study just published at the University of Notre Dame found that the whole successful but otherwise unattractive guy marrying a beautiful woman stereotype is pretty much just a myth.It turns out that attractiveness attracts attractiveness, just like success attracts success.If something goes wrong you just figure things will be okay.

Without further ado, here’s my most research / study / illustration-filled article yet: It’s not about women being shallow and judging you just based on how hot you are, it’s about women being extremely and using your physique to give them clues about your genes, your lifestyle and your character. All women thus come programmed with the ability to pick out an attractive, healthy, strong, intelligent, honest man. Then, based on their social conditioning and media exposure, those abilities are slightly tweaked and “heightened” to match the society they live in.Understandably—if a bear set me back down I’d seriously consider the same exit strategy.Having a guy like that on your side immediately makes you feel safe.It also gives us the physical power that is sometimes needed to stand up for our beliefs.Aesthetics, muscle, health and masculinity are all so closely related to one another that how we train and eat can roll over into than it actually does.

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