Kat dennings dating drake

Seriously, she’s been linked to everyone from mega heartthrob Ryan Gosling to costar Nick Zano, and most recently to super nerd Josh Groban.

Hopefully she’s found a way to work some ginger whittling into the bedroom with one of those guys. Just keep reading this list of facts about Kat Dennings’s sex life.

We're still not sure about how it's used, but it involves whittling and the whole thing sounds really dirty.

He also allegedly rented out a restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday for a date night with Lopez and a group of his closest friends.2.

She’s super dorky, way too into actors like Jeremy Irons, and uses a lot of weird voices in interviews.

A few hundred of them were probably just Amanda Bynes.

"They were all like, 'F--k you, Kat Dennings' and 'You can't take Drake from me. ' And then I realized what had happened," she went on.

Kat, instead of thanking her lucky stars that she got to spend an evening with Drake, thought it was a little weird that Drake had his security guards follow them all night.

She said: Can we hazard to guess that that "Twitter person" may or may not be Amanda Bynes?? Besides, Kat admits that she was immediately harassed by rando members of Drake’s twitter following, so there are prob all sorts of crazies who are threats to Drake’s safety.

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