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There is a lot of negative connotation behind the word.

Who hasn't run across the phrase "They've changed" in forums and comments more than once?

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And for the GD's thing, I think it's the most stupid thing I heard, seriously because he is too much a fashionista, he's too hype?

I'm here like if only you knew that himchan is correct on sayin loof because a loof is an actual English world which mean a carousel/ merry-go-round this relates to the mv where he is a burning loof/Merry-go-round There is an english verse in Red Velvet's Be Natural: Welcome to my heart inside We're gonna have to become one Just holding you forever in my mindso shouldn't it be Welcome inside my heart, we're going to become one? Idk what u just wrote but I fixed the words for you.

That's what AJ really honestly some of these actually made sense, when I saw them i was like " wait?

Conversely, the first group I was able to follow since debut was SHINee and essentially their whole group concept is based on change and I love it.

Apparently, SM's definition of "contemporary group" is basically to change up image and music with every album.

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