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"We are also looking at routes to Southeast Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe to operate flights from our hub airports," said Air Arabia CEO Adel Al Ali in Dubai.

The expansion of the fleets of these airlines to connect West Asia to other regions via direct flights and also through codeshare will open up new routes for travellers from Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

The airfare from Chennai to Dubai ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹35,000 for a round trip on direct flights close to the Christmas holidays.

Airlines bump people off flights if they do not carry out online check-ins in advance, said B Somakumar, a frequent traveller on the Chennai-Dubai route, adding that airlines sometimes claim their flights are overbooked though confirmed seats are available, especially during the holiday season when demand is very high for travel to India.

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But the bilateral agreement between the countries for flying rights has been exhausted.

It's time the governments increase the seats for both sides." Flydubai is unable to operate because the bilateral agreement is yet to be revised.

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